Celebrate the WINS Medicate the LOSSES

Welcome to DC Helmet Pipes.com  where we offer the finest, handcrafted collectible SPORTS THEMED FOOTBALL HELMET & BALL SMOKING PIPES ANYWHERE!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We use only "Made in the USA manufactured polished brass and nickel fittings. The quality of American  metal stands out when compared, side by side to imported metal parts.  The difference is noticeable from the luster of the metal, clean straight edges, ability to connect the various parts, weight, and overall feel. 

Each D.C. Helmet pipe is made to order and carefully assembled with close attention to detail. We build a quality metal pipe, functional for everyday use. D.C.  himself before his passing 12/2017 spent  two (2) years selling on line trying various marketplace platforms, direct to the consumer.  The feedback from after sale reviews proves that our pipes are well made, work great and are priced right....  283 (5) Stars out of  284  After Sale Reviews 

Our novelty pipes are the perfect gift for any sport fan. Our customers tell us they love their pipes so much and they are so well made they display them in their homes and offices as a decorative collectible on desk tops, in display cases and on bookshelves, on desk tops and table tops. Customers always comment on what a conversation starter their pipes are.  Unique,  Quality Pipe, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

We provide a product that will last for years and is often purchased to add to a collection.  We don't just sell pipes, we sell Memories.  Yes memories, this unique pipe will be around for many years to come generating memories.

We suggest that you: 

                                                                 CELEBRATE THE WINS!!!

                                                                                    and                                                                                                                                                    MEDICATE THE LOSSES!!!

                                      D.C. HELMET PIPES give new meaning to the term "Team Support"