We create hand crafted smoking pipes for those who appreciate the game. 

The LOVE OF THE GAME is what inspires us.

DEDICATION TO CRAFTSMANSHIP is what seperates us from the others.  

Designed to make a statement, 

our pipes get the party started!!!

Give the gift that everyone is 

talking about. 

DC Helmet Pipes when only the best will do!

We Are Proud Of Our Work

At DCHelmetPipes.com we use only "Made in the USA manufactured polished brass, nickel and black anodized fittings. The quality of American metal stands out when compared, side by side to imported metal parts.  The difference is noticeable from the luster of the metal, clean straight edges, ability to connect the various parts, weight, and overall feel. 

Each D.C. Helmet pipe is made to order and carefully assembled with close attention to detail. We build a quality metal pipe, functional for everyday use and or display.

At DCHelmetPipes.com we make that perfect gift for any super fan on your list. When given as a gift this is the present everybody talks about. Customer comments are amazing.  They tell us they love their pipes so much and they are so well crafted that they are proud to display them in their homes and offices as a decorative collectible on desk tops, in display cases, on bookshelves, and table tops. Customers always comment on what a conversation starter their pipes are.  Unique,  Quality Pipe, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

DCHelmetPipes.com are pipes built to last a lifetime and are a proud addition to any super fan's collection.

Our motto:  Celebrate the WINS & Medicate The Losses

Always be prepared!!!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Best gift I've ever given! It was the hit of the party!

Devin Duran
Denver Colorado, 5 Stars

When they say "Celebrate the wins and medicate the losses", AMEN to that! GO CHIEFS!!!

Erik Johnson

These pipes are the BOMB! Great price and excellent quality. I will definitely be coming back.

Mike Moore
Laughlin, Nevada

Lit, Fire, Slay! I'll be back fo sure! tu YOLO!

Key West